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Industrial Hygiene
Industrial hygiene is a science that anticipates, recognizes, evaluates, and controls workplace surroundings that may cause injury or illness to employees. In 1970 the federal government passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act, or OSHA. Most employers are required to implement some form of industrial hygiene and safety in the workplace. OSHA, along with other legislation, has revolutionized health and safety for workers, setting mandatory requirements for over 6 million United States workplaces. OSHA also relies on state partners to help implement these safety and health programs.
OSHA identifies the following four guidelines that are critical for implementing a successful safety and health program within the workplace:
  • Commitment from management and employee involvement
  • Conducting worksite analysis on a regular basis to determine safety and health needs
  • Implementing hazard prevention and control
  • Requiring that all employees participate in safety and health training
As the business owner, it's important that your employees know who will be evaluating the factory. The Industrial Hygienist or IH is the individual hired by OSHA who will monitor the environment and draw analytical data to determine if there are potential health hazards to your employees. Through OSHA, the Industrial Hygienist ensures that standards are being met, and will assist you with controlling or eliminating any hazardous issues that may be exposed in the evaluation process.
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